Covid monitor


We are making free access to the excel based application Covid monitor. This application includes database related to Covid-19 illness caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus. Covid monitor should be used not only for automated access about daily evolution of the infection, but also as an entry point for Your own advanced workout with prepared database.

Application offers:

  • - information about daily numbers of cases in chosen country

  • - information about total increase of cases in chosen country

  • - information about daily death toll in chosen country

  • - information about total death toll in chosen country

  • - percentage share of infections to population in chosen country

  • - percentage share of death toll to population in chosen country


Covid monitor is based on excel binary file with extension using macros. This allows automated data processing and new data loading. Excel file variant has been chosen with regard for subsequent easy data processing by users, which is more open solution to classical standalone applications.

Entry data are based on daily updated information provided by the EU open data portal. New XML file from this portal should be easily loaded into the application which allows You to always keep data up to date, if needed. XML file should be downloaded from above mentioned portal. Database loaded into Covid monitor version 1.3 contains data related to January 2022.

Data contained in Covid monitor are free for subsequent personal processing. Covid monitor internal logic is closed for public and is fully maintained by MMCV studio. Corrections or new functions would be reflected in never versions.


Download Covid monitor v 1.3 here

For security reasons file downloading should always be done via this page. Do not use or download this application from other resources. You should always download applications from official sites to prevent sharing malware.

Data integrity should also be checked by MD5 hash checksum, which for zip file is: 92EB00288F80688F351685E0B8A6CD1F

Did You know that till 19. 4. 2020 in most populated countries neither one percent of country population has been infected by Covid-19, even if internationally infected people quantity reached 2 000 000?


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